DataStore is designed to store many small files with metadata attached to each file. This metadata could be searched later to download the files that fit the search query.


DataStore is written using php for processing. MySQL is used to store and search the metadata and Apache is used to serve the uploaded files.


  • Uploading Files
  • Searching metadata
  • Downloading Files

Future goals

  • Auto setup for database tables
  • Auto backup for metadata

Source Code

Goal is a python SDK designed to access the DataStore API. Implementation simplifies the DataStore API into two python functions #file: file to be passed to requests #mimeType: string mimeType #data: dictionary of metadata for the file DataStore.uploadFile(file, mimeType, data) #returns: True or False #conditions: array of conditions to pass to DataStore. # Syntax in the DataStore documentation DataStore.getIds(conditions) #returns: array of urls to files passing the conditions Completed Uploading Files Searching metadata Future goals None yet [Read More]