About me

My experience as a software developer

I’m Joe, a software developer with experience in Android, Chrome Extensions, Python, C#, PHP, and several other platforms.


iSpeech - Android Developer

  • Helped design and program numerous android apps.
  • Managed and supported an Android library for iSpeech’s Android SDK.
  • Maintained several Android and Chrome apps, including Select and Speak.
  • Used C# and Python to write applications for data collection, processing, and organization.
  • Created and managed the first open source web ASR and TTS SDK written using JavaScript and HTML5.

Tech Help Services - Technician

  • Performed computer maintenance and disk cleanup for IESE business school in Manhattan.
  • Developed company name and business cards to market my computer expertise.
  • Helped numerous people with computer selection and network set-up.

Personal Experience

  • Programming: C++, Java, C#, PHP, Python, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, Android Apps.
  • Assembled several desktop computers and servers.
  • Set up a NAS device using FreeNAS. Set up multiple services including media streaming with Plex and backups with Resilio (was BTSync).
  • Built a common data storage API using php and MySQL.
  • Gained leadership and project management experience learned from becoming an Eagle Scout in 2011.
  • Computer and smart phone repairs.
    • Cracked screens, memory expansions, hard drive repairs and replacements, printer setup, virus removal, automatic backup.
  • Computer assembly, software updates, and operating system setup.
    • Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, several Debian distributions with dual boot.


Bachelor of Computer Science at NJIT

  • Awarded Academic Scholarship to attend.
  • Member of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and the Vector (NJIT school newspaper).